SPC provides consulting excellence in analytics, data management and reporting services to small and medium enterprises.
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Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India

+91 20 6524 2455

Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India



Turn data into intelligence and actionable insights

Investment Analytics

We provide alternative and traditional institutional investors with quantitative tool development and analysis leveraging our decades of experience in hedge fund quant analysis.

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Real Time Analytics

Our solutions enable business users to get live dashboards, reporting and analysis by directly accessing live websites or feeding business transactions into a real-time database.

Real Time Analytics Services
Online Retail Analytics

Our bespoke analytics empower online sellers to optimize rankings, manage product reviews, observe prices and monitor competitors to increase sales on online platforms like amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart and more.

Online Retail Analytics Services
Visual Analytics

With expertise in building interactive and beautiful visual analytics solutions, we help organizations get answers of complex questions at a glance and make informed decisions.

Visual Analytics Services