SPC provides consulting excellence in analytics, data management and reporting services to small and medium enterprises.
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+91 20 6524 2455

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Get insights into your portfolio for precision investing


We provide hedge funds, pension funds, family offices, UCITS funds, wealth managers and others with quantitative tool development and analysis on their underlying investments leveraging our vast experience in quantitative finance.

The goal is to provide institutional investor with high quality quantitative analysis to help them meet their risk-return parameters and address diversification objectives. Some of our offerings are:

Performance Measurement

We help you defining your performance measurement parameters, defining right benchmarks and develop absolute and relative performance measurement tools no matter what you invest. Some of the key parameters that we cover are Information, Sharpe, Sortino, Up capture, down capture, Omega ratios, risk/reward, alpha, beta, different statistical measures, rolling statistics and more. Our analysis is based on daily, monthly and as well as quarterly data. We do return based style and factor analysis.

Contribution /Attribution

We help you understand key drivers of your portfolio performance. Get a slice and dice view of your portfolio attribution history across investments, asset classes, strategies, market capitalization, sectors, geographies and more.


Track your portfolios exposure at aggregated level across different asset classes, strategies, geographies and benchmark them against risk factors. Verify whether your investments are the correct decisions.

Portfolio Construction

Build your portfolio using what if analysis and historical simulations. We consider detail steps of portfolio constructions while doing what if analysis such as rebalancing of portfolio, redistribution of allocations within strategies, high watermark, hurdle, management and performance fees, leverage and more. Optimize allocations within portfolio using mean-variance, risk budgeting or forward looking Black-Litterman approach.

Risk Management

We have experience of working with customized, proprietary and third party risk management tools. We calculate VaR, CVaR, stress test, scenario analysis numbers for you. We also develop customized liquidity risk tools based on your portfolio holdings.

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