SPC provides consulting excellence in analytics, data management and reporting services to small and medium enterprises.
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Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India

+91 20 6524 2455

Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India

Online Retail


Boost your online sales

Our bespoke analytics empower online sellers to optimize rankings, manage product reviews, observe prices and monitor competitors to increase sales on online platforms like amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart and more.

Sales & Profit dashboard

Fully-automated dashboard shows you how much sales you make and profit you generate after deducting all costs (Amazon fees, PPC costs, promos, product landed costs). The data can be filtered based on different time horizons.

PPC Monitor

Optimize campaigns for sponsored products, minimize your cost of sale and maximize the revenue of your sponsored products campaigns.

Inventory Control

Never run out of stock again and know exactly when to place a reorder. Know when you'll run out of stock based on recent sales velocity. Specify lead time for each product and receive alerts about low inventory at the right time.

Competitor monitoring

Identify competitors, track their actual sales volume and follow every move they make. Identify your top-ranking competitors and find out where they outperform you! Track the actual sales volume of your competitors' products.

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