SPC provides consulting excellence in analytics, data management and reporting services to small and medium enterprises.
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Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India

+91 20 6524 2455

Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India



Reporting focuses on identifying the right metrics &KPIs, presenting and then delivering using different mechanism. Our offerings include producing basic reports using MS Office to interactive, intuitive dashboard solutions using Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Our offerings include analyzing data and produce basic reports from Excel and PowerPoint, to interactive, intuitive and real-time dashboard solutions using Business Intelligence (BI) tools

Report Production

We use different reporting and presentation tools to generate well formatted reports including MIS (Management Information System) reports for different departments across organization and different sectors. These reports clarify issues and simplifies the tasks faced by analysts in reviewing multi-dimensional data.

Based on our wide industry knowledge and experience, we can understand various client operating functions including sales, human resources, finance, production.

We also produce standard mandatory compliance reports that needs to be generated from time to time across various time frequencies.

We reconcile different report in different formats and types.

Visuals and Dashboards

Our experienced team is well skilled in the use of latest and effective tools to create interactive charts and visually effective dashboards.

The reports are customizable to solve wide range of business problems and enable client analysts and executives to select and monitor various business metrics graphically and analyze large volume data intuitively.

Report Automation

Our experienced team leverage automation resources using the modern tools to reduce manual inputs and turnaround times, while increasing process efficiency and reusability of the reports.

We provide fully automated delivery of reports by email to the end users using sophisticated technology.

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