SPC provides consulting excellence in analytics, data management and reporting services to small and medium enterprises.
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Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India

+91 20 6524 2455

Mont Vert Marc, Pune, India



With expertise in building interactive and beautiful visual analytics solutions, we help organizations get answers of complex questions at a glance and make informed decisions.

Make your data more meaningful visually

Gone are the days to read numbers from an excel file and interpret them. Let your data tell you a story through interactive visuals.

Our visual dashboards provide actionable insights that help business take key decisions. With the right combination of smart coding skills, deep knowledge about visual designs and vast business knowledge, we bring the best for all your visualization needs

Understand your visualization requirements

Developing Interactive and real time visualization of the key business metrics.

Creating data visualization to bring data to life for interpretation and analysis through clean, content rich, interactive and user friendly dash boards.

Multi-dimensional data representation with slice and dice information.

Displaying trend, pattern analysis and what if scenario analytics.

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